How to Draw a Realistic Nose Like a Master

How to Draw a Realistic Nose Like a Master

In learning how to draw faces step by step, the nose is often the most challenging feature. This is because while it seems relatively simple, it’s quite easy to mess up. A portrait with a nose that is too large, too small, or off-kilter simply doesn’t look realistic, and realism is, after all, the ultimate goal of pencil sketching.

Here we will run through some easy steps that will help you to slow down, see the nose in pieces, and draw a truly realistic nose in your next portrait.

Start at the Bottom

This is very important, since a portrait sketch will feature lines marking the bottom of the nose. Don’t try to begin at the top; this can lead to proportion trouble.

Sketch the nostrils first, connected by a line with a bow or dip in it. They should be oblong in most cases, although you have to draw what you see. When learning how to draw a realistic nose, it helps a great deal to find pictures of features of every shape and size. This will familiarize you with all the amazing variations found in real peoples’ faces.

Shade in the top half of the nostrils, then use an eraser or your finger to blend the color down into the rest of the nostril. This should give a very realistic appearance; check your drawing against your picture frequently.

Next, add two slightly curved lines at the outer edges of the nostrils. This represents the base of the nose. Shade these lines very well. A sharply defined nose in a portrait always looks unrealistic, so remember to shade and blend constantly.

Now you are ready to sketch the tip of the nose. Using the bow in your first line as a guide, lightly draw two lines coming up from the centers of the nostrils themselves (but not touching the nostrils). These lines should meet the outer-nostril lines you just created, and they should be drawn so that if you continued them down to the bowed line, they would meet at the tip of the bow. Shade these very well.

Moving Upward

The bottom of the nose is generally the only part which will have any degree of definition. The rest of the nose is created with shading. Working very lightly, sketch two lines extending up, forming the nose, up to the bridge.

Using an eraser or your finger, shade and blend these lines until you can’t see the actual lines anymore. This is easy if you draw a light line to begin with. Remember to extend all the shading outward, not inward onto the surface of the nose.

At the bridge, remember to add shadowing where the nose would meet up with the eyes. However, when learning how to draw a realistic nose, this part is not essential.

How to Draw a Realistic Nose – Final Steps

Your nose is finished! Practice until you have a relatively generic, straight nose down perfectly, then begin to experiment with upturned noses and bulbous noses. These different styles of noses will come in very handy when you begin drawing live subjects! Learning how to draw a realistic nose is all about practice, so keep at it until you are completely comfortable drawing each feature.

How to draw a realistic nose can be an easy task and the video below by Isaiah S can be a great proof.

How to Draw a Realistic Nose the Easy Way

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